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What about Comps?

Create competitions and battle with friends and other users – the community decides who wins the battle!
On Comps you can easily upload a challenge and then see what the community has to offer! Collect views and likes and make it up to the top of the rankings. Or not. Or you just look at how other users battle themselves and give likes to your favorites.

Start your very own competition and…

Mädchen Landschaft

… take the best sunset photo
… shoot your favorite basketball trick
… sing your favourite song
… show your latest outfit
… cut a crazy hairstyle
… show the community your art
… post a photo of your favorite place
… perform a somersault
… make a selfie with your cat
… make a sound recording with the words “I am your father”
… show us your rapskills, and battle the community


You’ll be curious, you’ll be amazed, you’ll have extended laughs, promised!

But Comps has much more to offer:

  •  Each user will appear with his participation in competitions, wins, views and likes in the comps ranking. Who will make it into the top ten? Who is number one?
  • As a user, you can follow other users and friends and always know immediately which competitions they participate in and which competitions they challenge you and the community.
  • Every user can comment on posts and share on other networks.
  • You can host private competitor friends, your school class, or any other closed group. Decide who you invite to your competitions.
  • You can share information on your profile and, of course, check out the profiles of others. Comps is simple and awesome, you’ll see!

Get in and start your first Comps!

About us

Just two years ago, we started developing Comps. Now our app is available in the Appstore! We are a small team of 4 people who had the vision to bring Comps to the market.
Everything you see has come from our own strength. We have not taken millions to capture the market, but have brought an idea in the back room to the market.

We congratulate ourselves on each other. In the last Beta-Test our users showed themselves very creatively and made us laugh. We were surprised by the way Comps was used. We are very excited about what

the Comps Community has to offer and how Comps is developing in the coming months.

Here we go!

The Comps-TEAM

Evangelos Sismanidis is iOS and backend developer. He has gained a lot of experience in high-ranking software companies, giving the project Comps the necessary professionalism.

Reinhard Männer is the most experienced in our team with his unflinching will and his inexhaustible endurance – comparable to a pro-Tennisplayer. With his very successful 5 start-ups, we were able to draw on his strong network and special developer skills.

Hyun-Suk Cho is a graduate graphic designer. He supports the team on design issues and has already won several design awards (EUROPRIX MULTIMEDIA AWARDS, red dot, IF Award).

Felix Gast is CEO, creator and product owner.

A special thanks goes out to:

Jason Kerr for energetic support in the implementation of the website, Bao-Nghi for the provision of the studio. And last but not least, of course to our Testuser, especially: Andreas, Stephan, Emanuel, Dahra, Alex, Benedict, Nico, Benne, Maya, Helene, Jana, Luise, Markus, Peter, Pau, Viktor, Max, and Vincent.
Thank you!


You have an idea for improvement or you found a bug? Want to tell us about a feature you’d like us to implement or want to report a post/ user? Just send us an email and we’ll get right onto it:


You want to work with Comps for your advertising and marketing?

Get in touch with us, we’re very happy to talk to you about the available options: